The Game

WitchHunt is a social game about telling lies and uncovering the truth.
Classic Gameplay

WitchHunt preserves the simple core gameplay of mafia/werewolf. Witches kill at night, the town argues and votes to kill during the day, and paranoia runs rampant as the town gets smaller and smaller.

Unique Characters

Every player gets a simple unique ability–including each of the Witches. This makes every player important to the game’s outcome, and every game a unique experience.

Angels and Demons

Dead players on both sides continue to affect the outcome in big ways. Instead of, you know, sitting in the corner bored and uninvested as they wait for the game finish.

Competitive Design

WitchHunt is designed as a competitive game. That means the game has simple rules but advanced strategies, limited only by the creativity of the players.

Who we are

Besides "not Witches."
Kyle Brockman
Kyle Brockman is a Kentucky-based game designer focused on inclusive competitive games, who doesn’t believe in words like ‘casual’ and ‘hardcore’. He is active in the Super Smash Bros. community as ‘Thinkaman’ and co-developed ‘Balanced Brawl’. Kyle is about to move to Austin, TX to study under Warren Spector at the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy.
Henry Payne
Henry Payne is a Chicago-based start-up professional determined to help creative and technical minds reach their goals. In his free time he is a race-car driver, Rotarian, and gamer.
Laura La Vito
Lead Artist
Laura La Vito is a Chicago-based illustrator, concept artist, musician, costumer, coffee addict, plaguebringer, and planeswalker. She doesn’t sleep much.